Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hurricane's a comin!

Well, maybe not, but it's fun to say, nontheless! Anyone care to place bets on where and when Ike makes landfall? I'm guessing Brownsville, Texas. But, I am also guessing we are going to get a day or two off from school just in case. Mandatory evacuation. In other words, free day! Woo-Hoo!!! I think we'll have a hurricane party! I'll mix up some mud pies, cyclone pizzas, cloud juice...any other suggestions? Come on, ya'll are clever! Come up with a menu for our storm party! And I suppose it's a good time to have our 72 hour kit dinner,too. You know, eat what's in the old kits, stock 'em with new stuff! And we'll watch "Twister," and "Places in the Heart" and oh...what other movies are about storms? All right! I'm getting excited about this! I can't wait for your responses! I bet you're all getting jealous that you don't live closer to the Gulf! Don't worry, mom...we've got food and water and an inflatable raft (not to mention an SUV) We'll be just fine!

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Cindi said...

"The wind's all a sudden on the move." ha, ha I can't believe it. You can even make the prospect of a hurricane sound fun!! I'm not buying it, though! I'll stay in Colorado, far away from the eyes with their sites set on Texas! :D