Monday, October 13, 2008

Time for a new post!

It's past time, actually! First things first, though. Cindi tagged me weeks ago and I promised I would blog... so here goes!

4 quirks that I possess!

1. I am extremely claustrophobic. Like, really, really, really scared of small, cramped, or wide-open cramed spaces. Start hyperventilating.

2. I also am a bit scared of heights. So, that combined with my claustrophobia, makes me loathe elevators... put me in an one and I about start convulsing.

3. I am terrified of amusement park rides. I will not ride them. Ever. At all. I hate the thought of feeling completely out of control and your stomach doing flip flops and being scared and the speed...ugh!

4. I rode the Tower of Terror at Disney World several years ago! What?! Small, cramped elevator that goes up to an astonishing height, then drops you extremely quickly...several times... before the *ride* comes to an end. Facing all my worst fears at unlike me! Go figure!

There! My quirks! Now it's your turn. If you are reading this, and you have a blog, I tag you! You're it!


Cindi said...

FINALLY!!! :D lol I loved it. That is kind of funny that Tower of Terror manages to lump all of your fears into one AND you actually rode it! woo-hoo! ;D

alisa said...

You crack me up friend! Sure love and miss you! Nathan reminds me so much of when Christopher was born that it makes me think of you daily! You were such a lifesaver to me at the time. You will never know what having a friend like you did for me then...and now! I miss you friend and wish you were here....or I was there!

Christen said...

Ok, I now know that facing your fears doesn't work.

Jennie said...

Hey!! So fun to check your blog! I need your email to invite you to our blog. You can send it to me at