Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lost teeth and Found appliances

Little boy finally lost his first tooth! He is so excited! He is the last one in his class to lose one...and he thinks he can feel another wiggly one now, too!

In related news, Elli Noel found out that her top jaw is growing at a slower rate than her bottom jaw...and so, for starters, she got this great new appliance yesterday! It's name is expander. We have to turn it with a special key every night for 14 days. Then, hopefully it will have opened up her teeth a little. On February 4th, she will be the proud owner of a reverse face mask. She will wear it to bed every night for a year. At the end of the whole process, her face shape will be different, her smile will be more beautiful than ever, her teeth perfect, and I think she is going to waste away to nothing because eating is pretty difficult right now! Now, if they could promise it would shrink my nose, I'd definitely get one for myself!


Amy said...

Poor Elli! That looks painful!!!

Cindi said...

Yeah Cooper! Poor Elli! Good luck to ALL of you! :D

Laurie said...

Brian had one... soo much FUN!

Kristen said...

Sounds like a lot of work. Good luck with that one. Too much fun.

Noma said... Cooper lost his first tooth?! Way to go Cooper!! Before long the 'wiggly' tooth will fall out too...I can't wait to see our Cooper when he looks like a Jack O Lantern...they are always so cute!! Oh my goodness...Elli, when you get all of that will be more beautiful that you are now and have the most beautiful smile in the world!! I love your smile now cuz you are already beautiful and I can't imagine you will be even MORE beautiful...GORGEOUS will describe you!! I hope you are able to eat now, we don't want you to waste away!! I love you guys BIG MUCH!!