Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A word about ogres and heroes

I love this guy!

Last night we watched Shrek 2 for family night (hey...I just had surgery, and my husband wasn't home...gimme a break!) and I couldn't help but think of my husband! They are a lot alike...here are some ways:

1. Shrek is big and formidable looking...so is Todd (although Todd is not green, so people don't scream and run away when they see him...usually.) This trait comes in handy. For example, when you have a teenage daughter (we do), you want to look very ogre like to teenage boys...make them think you could bite their head off if you wanted to.

2. Shrek has a look on his face most of the time that would lead you to believe he is not a happy fellow. ditto with Todd (see his facebook picture--prime evidence). But like Cindi says, "It's like Lavell Edwards (former BYU football coach) said...he is smiling on the inside, his brain just forgot to tell his face!" Todd's happy...his face just doesn't realize it most of the time.

3. Shrek is pretty darn funny...a comedian even, some might say. Todd, too. That boy is hilarious, I tell you! He makes me laugh like no other! And man, do I love to laugh!

4.Shrek is really good with completing difficult tasks...the same goes for Todd. There is no job to big or too tough for him! Fire-breathing dragons? Bring em on! He is one hard worker...that Todd! Besides, have you seen his muscles?

5. Shrek would do just about anything for Fiona...to prove his love for her. Well, it goes without saying that so would Todd. Only not for Fiona (at least, I don't think...) But for me...that boy would move heaven and earth. And he does. Frequently.

At the end of the 2nd Shrek movie, Shrek has become one handsome guy (due to a potion) and Fiona is one foxy lady. Shrek comes riding in to save Fiona from the devastatingly handsome, perfect (but completely selfish and wrong for her) Prince Charming. He is who Fiona always thought she'd end up with...and Shrek lets her choose. She chooses Shrek, of course...and chooses to have him stay an Ogre. This is the good part, people! Now, my Todd is one handsome guy...and I will keep him that way. (I'm not really all that fond of green) I am so glad that I "ended up" with the "real" guy. The imperfectly perfect guy. The guy with substance, not just a pretty face. The ogre, so to speak. Yes, I realize that my analogy also casts me as an ogre. Fine. I'll be an ogre (aren't we all a little ogre-ish?)and Todd can be an ogre if it means that we, like the "Shreks" are perfectly happy with our imperfectly perfect relationship. I am just so glad that I am the one who gets to see him in his true, beautiful, not-at-all mean ogre way. You can too, if you look past his gruff exterior. You'll see something that you like. In fact, YOU might be the one to turn green...with envy!

I love you, Todd!


Cindi said...

Awwwwwwww.... super cute and sweet. :D

Amy said...

What a SWEET post!

alisa said...

Love love love this post! We miss you guys! And Todd is hilarious!! We still remember some really fun Todd moments!! (Ward council....force be with you) Good times!!

The "Eck's" Files said...

LOVE it---and link away! No need for lurking!! LOL!
It's so fun having friends everywhere. Mom was just saying that, when I was trying to figure who to call to visit my brother in FL. She was amazed!

Noma said...

OK...I was just at the Baker home and let me tell you...everything Dee Dee said is totally TRUE!! Dennis and I TRULY love TODD!! He is an amazing guy!! He does remind ya of Shrek, I suppose, in some ways!! He DOES love his Dee Dee and she IS his PRINCESS!! He does take good care of her and was making sure she didn't do things she wasn't supposed to do after her surgery and we LOVE him!! They have a SWEET, LOVING HOME and we LOVE being there with them!!

The Mills Family said...

D you just made me belly laugh with that post. You did forget to mention Todd's ogre-like love of jellied eyeballs and flatulance! hee hee. I am a big fan of Todd too. Ya'll are an amazing couple. Also, your house looks incredible. Love ya.