Monday, June 11, 2012

Just breathe!

The Enchanted house  on Fairdale Street is up for grabs once again!

{ I must admit that I didn't even know how stressed I was until 
we decided tonight that we wouldn't accept the final terms of the contract.}
*no wonder I have the flu*

It is enchanted, too, for everyone who enters its creaky front door
(or side, or back door, for that matter....)
wants to stay!
No doubt it was that spell that brought us our first offer after just 2 showings!

We love living here, but are also very excited to have the chance to live next to
grandma and grandfather
and a whole gaggle of aunts, uncles and cousins!

We are still planning to build a house in Colorado, but now we will take our time, and not feel rushed in to any decisions. I woke up from a much needed nap today dreaming about walking through the front door of this house:

Isn't it lovely? 

I love how it combines stone, metal roofing, barrel-roof porch, columns, and white trim. I adore the stone wall at the front and the cute little architectural details on the tops of the towers. 

I can hardly wait to make it my home.

Except that, now I know I can wait to make it my home. 

Because there are other things more important to me right now. Like taking slow, deep breaths...

And figuring out just the right enchantment for the new house!

And feeling that time is on my side..and that it will all work out. 
And enjoying my time in my cute little yellow house while I wait!

Come tour it! You'll want to move in. Promise.


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