Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Overheard at the Yellow House:

 Elli: "Cooper, knock it off! If you don't knock it off right now, I am going to make you get out of the TV room."  (noise and arguing ensue...) "COOPER! GET OUT OF HERE RIGHT NOW!!!"

 I step in and say, "Okay...I don't want to hear any more fighting,  so you can now both go to your bedrooms."

Cooper: "Oh, Mom! Did you think we were fighting? No! We were just playing a game...and it's called Get out of here right now! The first person to say it wins! Congratulations, good job, Elli! You just won!"

Me: LOL for real, while thinking to myself, "That boy may have a real chance at a career in politics!"


Cindi said...

Oh, he's quick! Definitely good at diplomacy! Love that kid! :)

Unknown said...

Dee Dee,

It's Erik, your dream guy. We need your mailing address. Email it to Susan (yes, we're still married). I think you have her email address.


Shannon Dooley said...

Haha President Cooper!