Monday, October 13, 2008

Time for a new post!

It's past time, actually! First things first, though. Cindi tagged me weeks ago and I promised I would blog... so here goes!

4 quirks that I possess!

1. I am extremely claustrophobic. Like, really, really, really scared of small, cramped, or wide-open cramed spaces. Start hyperventilating.

2. I also am a bit scared of heights. So, that combined with my claustrophobia, makes me loathe elevators... put me in an one and I about start convulsing.

3. I am terrified of amusement park rides. I will not ride them. Ever. At all. I hate the thought of feeling completely out of control and your stomach doing flip flops and being scared and the speed...ugh!

4. I rode the Tower of Terror at Disney World several years ago! What?! Small, cramped elevator that goes up to an astonishing height, then drops you extremely quickly...several times... before the *ride* comes to an end. Facing all my worst fears at unlike me! Go figure!

There! My quirks! Now it's your turn. If you are reading this, and you have a blog, I tag you! You're it!