Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Blood letting and other romanticism (February 4th)

Jordyn and I recently watched Pride and Predjudice...the original 5 hour version. I love that movie, and really any movie based on that time period. I love the 1800s. Everyone and everything was so genteel. So proper. It was Jordyn's first time watching it. I got the dvds for Christmas, and I insisted one day when I wasn't feeling well that she sit and watch with me.

And there has been plenty of not feeling well lately... I have been dealing with a urinary tract infection. You probably know that I LOATHE going to the doctor. Hate it. So, as soon as I realized I had an infection, I started taking natural remedies. The burning stopped, and I thought it was over. Then, at the Charleston Tea Room, I started feeling worse. I decided it was time for the doctor. I went today and indeed, the infection is in my kidneys and so I am going to be on antibiotics, which I also HATE! He said I should feel better in 48 hours after starting the meds. THAT I am looking forward to.

Speaking of looking forward...Elli started wearing her reverse face mask..she loves wearing it, except when she sleeps, but is being a real trooper. Her desire for medical devices is coming in real handy right now!

Maybe Todd could use some of the desire, because I think he may need a pacemaker real soon :0) I don't know if his heart can handle having a dating age daughter! Jordyn is listed on facebook as "in a relationship with Zachary Joseph Nelson." And, what can I say? I love em both. They are so cute together and so proper. They'd have done well in the 19th century.

Oh, to have lived then. Propriety was the norm. Women were women. Men were men. Doctors were...barbers! Did you know that? When you were sick, you went to the barber for blood-letting. That is why they have those poles with the red and white stripes. To inform the public that they were skilled in blood-letting. The white represents bandages and the red...blood! Well, on second thought, maybe I just like to learn about the 19th century...peeing in a cup is bad enough. I wonder how much blood they'd drain for a kidney infection... I am starting to feel real glad about those anitibiotics! In fact, I'll wrap this up now so I can waddle to my car and drive over to the "Apothecary" and pick up my "remedy" at the window. For now, I will keep my blood where it should be: inside my body. I'll keep watching movies, and pretending that everything about life was romantic then.