Monday, March 16, 2009

The Wax Museum

The 2nd Graders at Cline elementary hosted a Wax Museum last Thursday night. It was a great event, with so many historical characters there telling their own stories! My favorite, of course, was Abraham Lincoln (who suspiciously resembled my own Cooper Addison..both handsome guys I tell ya!) I am so mad because I thought I got a video of Elvis also. His performance was priceless! But alas, there seems to only be a still shot of him. This guy looks exactly like Cooper's best friend, Christian. Except that Christian is a blondie and dresses much more conservatively. Betsy Ross was also a favorite of mine...she very closely resembles little miss EmmaLee Davis, Cooper's betrothed (at least in my world she is! wink wink)

That Abe Lincoln guy, he is pretty amazing! What's funny is that Jordyn wanted to be him when she did a wax museum in 5th grade. Cross-dressing wasn't allowed so she "settled" for being Mary Todd Lincoln, Abe's wife. Then Cooper, not knowing any of that was emphatic from the beginning that he was choosing Abe Lincoln. Hmmmm...I always quote him, (scroll down to the bottom of my blog to see one of his sayings) and am very fond of the man. Wonder what our "connection" is to him. I do know that we gotta give "props" to Uncle Jimmy for the, well, props! He did a fabulous job on that hat! The rest was pretty simple and easy to come by with just a swipe of a card and a signature from me! My momma taught me to be resourceful, you know... And like Abe said, "All I am or ever hope to be I owe to my mother!" And what an angel mine is! I say to Abe, "hear, hear!"

Monday, March 9, 2009

Bring on the Rain!

But, to tell the truth, I am hoping for sunny skies and clear sailin' this week! As you may know, I have been ill. Instead of the illness running its usual course and me getting better, I have just stayed sick. Bummer. Then, I had a CT scan that required further investigation. And then the further investigation required even further investigation. So, today, I am going for my first mammogram! Joy! I am not 40 yet, so it is a little early to be getting one, but I'll humor the dr. Then, later this week I will be having a liver biopsy to check out that stuff they saw on the CT scan. It is all a little scary, I must admit. However, nothing is ever SERIOUSLY wrong with me...I just get odd little syndromes that few other people get. Usually it is just a little black rain cloud in my otherwise sunshine-y life! It is interesting that when faced with difficulty, I tend to get weak in the knees, and end up on them a lot more than usual! Could this be the reason for my obstacles? To remind me Who is in control? To remind me that I need better communication with my Father in Heaven?'s just this dang physical body! I can hardly wait for the day (but I will wait...years and years and years) til I no longer have to be constrained by limitations of this particular defective body! But ya know, life is the rain, it is inevitable, and neccessary for growth and further development and beauty! The rain never lasts forever (although I bet Noah and his family started to wonder!)...and though there are usually some indictors that it is going to shower, you never know for sure if you're going to get rain or not. So, in short life's forecast is this: terminal, with a chance of LIVING!!!!