Saturday, March 23, 2013

**Know why Blue Bell is the Best Ice cream? **

Today is the official first day of spring break around here! 
And this is what it looks like outside:

We are not used to spring break looking like this.

Normally, this is where we spend spring break:

photo by Jordyn Ashli Baker

and we always visit this place:

photo by Jordyn Ashli Baker

and eat lots of this:

Photo by Jordyn Ashli Baker

This year, we are staying indoors by the fireplace and drinking 
hot chocolate.

Which, by the way we like to make with Milky Way bars. Yum!

Today, I had planned to post my favorite ice cream recipe...but it's too cold for that!

Instead, I will post a recipe for Hawaiian pork. It's warm and delicious! One of our favorite Sunday dinners. It takes about 16 hours to cook, so if I start it before I go to bed on Saturday night, then by the time we get home from church on Sunday, it's ready to eat. 
(Which is especially perfect when you have to go to choir or other meetings shortly after church!)

Here is my crock pot version of Hawaiian pork:
(because the ground is frozen over and we can't dig a pit for it!)

1. Start with a medium to large Pork Butt Roast, remove from packaging, trim some of the fat.

2. Rub entire roast with smoke flavoring (I prefer hickory)

3. Rub entire roast with natural sea salt (be generous)

4. Place roast in crock pot. 

5. Mix about 3 cups of apple juice with about 1cup brown sugar 
(depending on size of roast...more for bigger roast)

6. Pour over roast in crock pot, cover with lid and set the crock pot on low for 16 hours.

7.It should start falling apart a few hours before it is finished. Help it along by shredding it with 2 forks as needed. Voila! Mouth watering shredded pork when it is finished!

I like to serve it with boiled baby klondike Idaho potatoes and Hawaiian sweet rolls.


You could put on shorts and flip flops and pretend that you are somewhere warm! 
You could even finish the whole meal off with:

photo by Jordyn Ashli Baker

Best Spring Break Sunday. ever.

Happy Baking!

(Spoken with heavy southern accent, please, y'all!)
**Because the cows in Brenham think they've died and gone to Heaven**

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Ruth said...

I find it interesting that it is called Hawaiian Pork, when it doesn't have anything in it that I would associate with pineapple or coconut. Nevertheless, I am anxious to try the recipe. Thanks for sharing.